Lychee Kefir-tini

Lychee Kefir-tini Loula Natural fb

Lychee Kefir-tini

After having a Lychee martini recently on a night out with my friends, I was reminded of how much I liked them! So for cocktail hour this weekend I decided to recreate them with some lychee water kefir I had in the fridge (like this one but made with water kefir). We have a pretty extensive liquor cabinet as we live with my dad and we also enjoy dabbling in cocktails (see my Kefir Pina Colada) since we stay at home all the time with the kids!

So we already had this Lychee Liqueur


and this Oriental Apple Vodka in the house!

images (1)Lychee Kefir-tini Loula Natural

Really delicious (consume responsibly and please make sure you are of age to drink alcohol when making this recipe)


Lychee Kefir-tini Loula Natural Pin

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