Lychee Coconut Water Kefir

Lychee coconut water Kefir Loula Natural

The Summer is on its way and that means in the tropics we have Lychee’s in abundance! However since it is still only spring I have also used tinned and dried lychees to make this. It comes close!

One of my favourite Kefir’s is Coconut water Kefir. I prefer to use the fresh coconut water (open a coconut here) but carton coconut water is better absorbed after it has been fermented. After 12-24 hours and I have strain the grains (see how to make Kefir) I then add ripe plump Lychee’s to the jug. About 5-10. I then leave that out for another 12-24 hours and you get a beautiful tart, sweet sharp Kefir which is lovely on its own, diluted with some sparking water, in your Green Juice’s, in my Watermelon Cooler or with a dash of vodka and a squeeze of lime!

As featured in my book;

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 What is your favourite Water Kefir?

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