Kumquat, Cranberry and Cinnamon Water Kefir


Kumquat, Cranberry and Cinnamon Water Kefir

I have been tinkering around with lots of new flavours of Water Kefir and this, Kumquat, Cranberry and Cinnamon, is my new favourite (after my ginger, lemon and honey water kefir!) I have used bought dried Kumquats in this recipe but they are abundant in the shops at the moment so am also keen to dry my own. I have used my own dried cranberries. 

Kumquats are in season in winter and in spring (they are very popular as ornaments at Chinese New Year as they represent gold and are also used as offerings in temples and shrines). As are cranberries. So this recipe for Kumquat, Cranberry and Cinnamon Water Kefir is very seasonal. Kumquats are quite unique from other citrus fruits as they are eaten whole- peel and all. They are extremely tart but still have a degree of sweetness. 

Since the whole fruit is eaten the skin’s fibre, oils, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants are present and add to its nutrient value. The anti-oxidants and vitamin C, A and E you would expect from a citrus fruit are also in abundance in Kumquats. Here you can find a table of nutrients contained within the fruit. 

See the health benefits of Cranberries here and Cinnamon here

The mix of tart, sweet, sour and spicy make a really refreshing drink with a festive twist. 

Ingredients for Kumquat, Cranberry and Cinnamon Water Kefir 

1 litre Water Kefir ( I make mine with coconut sugar but it is also nice with Maple Syrup Water Kefir)

4/5 Dried Kumquats

Handful of Dried Cranberries

1/2 tsp Ground cinnamon or one rolled cinnamon bark


Because I have used store bought dried Kumquats I have not needed any additional sugar for the second fermentation. I allowed 24 hours for the fermentation (I also prefer to ferment with a covered open vessel but you could do it closed with regualar opening to release excess gas build up. Check out the marketplace for Kefir Grains and vessels

Once it tastes to my liking I strain the fruit (which I save to add to my Green Smoothies). I then store it in the fridge ready to drink.

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