Kefir Gummies

Kefir Gummies

Kefir Gummies Loula Natural

Kefir Gummies
A healthy protein rich snack with the probiotic benefits of Kefir
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  1. 1 cup filtered water (can also be juice, puréed fruit, coconut water flavoured water etc)
  2. 1 cup of Water Kefir (could also use Kombucha, milk kefir, coconut milk or the same as above)
  3. 6tbs of Gelatin
  4. Sweeten if necessary (I tend to leave it as is)
  1. Gently warm the water/juice until bath water temperature- not too hot (you should be able to test with your finger- but be careful you don't hurt yourself!)
  2. Make sure your molds are ready and near you. Have a pouring jug to hand. Grab a whisk or wooden spoon so you can stir while you add in the gelatin. Test the temp with your finger, it should be warm but not hot.
  3. Add the Kefir and keep stirring. Pour the mixture into a jug to ensure ease of filling your moulds.
  4. Pour straight away into molds. Wait 10-15 mins for the gelatin to cool and start to set. Place in the fridge to firmly set.
  5. Turn out of molds and enjoy!
  1. You can flavour these in any way- I made gummy worms at Halloween by pouring this same mixture into straws and rolling out with a rolling pin. I used 1/2 cup purree raspberry and 1/2 coconut milk then added mixed berry Kefir. The photo's show my elderberry ones using 1/2 cup Elderberry cordial and 1/2 cup water and then I used coconut sugar water kefir. So try it out with your favourite flavours. Taste the mixture before pouring into the mold and adjust if necessary.
Loula Natural
You can buy all sorts of fun silicon molds. I have dinosaurs, flowers, hearts, bows and stars. Silicon is inert and is really easy to clean and the jelly just pops out. I use the same ones for my home-made chocolate and fudge fat bombs!

 They are so perfect for lunchboxes. The health benefits of Gelatin are huge combine that with those of Kefir and you are on to a winner!

Kefir Gummies. Perfect for lunch boxes

Kids lunch box approved

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  1. Thanks for the lovely kefir gummies recipe. Just wondering how long would the gummies last, and would there be any way of extending their shelf life. I could make bigger batches then! Thanks again, Maria

    1. Hi Maria, they have a decent shelf life in a sealed container in the fridge, they should also freeze well. Great as ice pops too. The kefir will preserve it as will raw honey if you use it to sweeten. Glad you like the recipe!

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