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The Thyroid Cannot Heal in Isolation.

I am a Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist. I make recommendations to my clients based on their individual needs. If this information is useful to you please discuss your options with your trained health practitioner able to help you to make natural choices that are suitable for your individual needs. Take responsibility for your health and choices.

When thyroid conditions are diagnosed and treated by the medical community they are normally treated in isolation. Hormones are the bodies messages- they all work together and upsetting the balance of one will knock them all over like an intricate domino effect. Treating them in isolation is putting a big band aid over a rumbling volcano!

Almost every time I see a Hypo-thyroid diagnosed client looking for natural ways to help re-balance themselves I see blood sugar issues and adrenal indications. Almost always a yoyo diet history with low fat and low calories combined with binges in between. I also see sex hormone imbalances and sleep issues. Generally there are also some other autoimmune issues stemming from a seemingly damaged digestive system. Almost always in the case of female clients, already having children or even the ability to have children is also a factor. 

Pregnancy, breastfeeding (even lack of (including inability) or short term breastfeeding) and desired weightloss post birth can result in metabolism disruptions (the thyroid is only one factor of metabolism). Low essentail fat intake as well as high refined-sugar intake is another. Exercise plays a role but stress can also make or break metabolism.

Placenta Encapsulation can really help to address some of the major hormone imbalance seen after childbirth. Especially after more than one child. If not a placenta, organ meat like liver (grass fed, organic if possible) can also really help.

The physical symptoms of whole body imbalance are normally focused on. The emotional and mental imbalances are rarely considered. These cannot be ignored or simply masked with medications. The Emotional and Physical sides of your body and personality are intrinsically linked. The power of thought patterns and physical conditions is well recognised and researched.

The throat traditionally symbolises flexibility (the neck is very flexible and can turn many ways and change direction). When emotionally and mentally you are finding inflexible, to ideas, to change to direction or to creativity. When you feel boxed in or having to relinquish yourself for others all the time this can sometimes be displayed as hypothyroidism and when you are constantly on the go, constantly thinking, over anaylsing and finding it difficult to chose one course of action it can be displayed as hyperthyroidism.

Here are some more examples that are not on most traditional symptom lists;

Could these be the real driving force?



Is this the real cause of hypothyroidism? Loula Natural fb

Not saying what you are thinking, holding back, stalling

Life on pause, real desires and dreams on hold or have been stifled

Lack of creativity, maybe blocked or pushed to the side by others- not speaking out about your needs

Fearful, frozen, feel like sticking your head in the sand

Apathy, unable to really enjoy life and what it has to offer

Rigidity about the future, living in the past,

Unable to make decisions, lack of enthusiasm for options

When is it my time to do what I want to do?

Poor blood sugar management

Yoyo dieting, low fat/low carb dieting with binges I between

Lack of balance in life

Prone to crying, want to stay in bed, away from the world, retreat into yourself.

Waiting for life to happen to you and for you.

These are just examples. you can see how these symptoms combined with the physical symptoms of weight gain/weight loss, memory, hair growth, energy levels all fit into the two diagnosis.

Coming from a whole body point of view can really help to change some of these aspects of your life. A medication may help to support the chemical changes but without addressing some of the other lifestyle considerations you will always be skirting around the driving force.

Is this the real cause of Hypothyroidism Loula Natural Pin


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