Hibiscus, Lemon Honey and Ginger tea


Hibiscus flowers (also known as Roselle) contain Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Dried Hibiscus

They are used as a mild medicinal tea in many cultures and are grown locally in Hong Kong. I bought mine in Tai Po village. They have the most amazing colour and a nice tart flavour that goes with ginger and lemon very well. Sweetened when cooled with some raw honey and you have a fun colour, nutrient rich and immune boosting tea the kids and adults alike cannot help but like.



Dried Hibiscus flowers

1 knuckle of ginger- skin on finely sliced

Half a lemon cut into quartres

1 tbs Raw honey (added to the cup when drink is cooled slightly to avoid scalding)

Hot Water

Add all the ingredients except honey to teapot. Add hot water and allow to steep for at least 5 minutes- watch the colour change!

Colour changing

4 thoughts on “Hibiscus, Lemon Honey and Ginger tea”

  1. I made my first ever batch of hibiscus tea recently, choosing it for it’s Vitamin C content, and afterward remembered reading that Vit C is destroyed in heat. Does the destruction only occur at boiling or above?

    1. Hi Heather, Good Question. It is denatured when heated to over 70 degrees. So it is a good idea to boil your kettle and let it stand for a bit before pouring onto the flowers. Also make sure it is cooled further before adding the honey to your cup then the tea especially when using Raw honey to help preserve the bacterial properties. I like mine cool anyway!

      1. Thinking about it further- I make raw coffee for my iced coffees by adding cold water to coffee grains and leaving for 24 hours covered with a cloth. Maybe you could do the same for the flowers? Might try it tomorrow and report back!!

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