Herb Butter Cubes

Herb and Garlic Butter cubes

Fresh herbs do not last here in the heat. They last maybe a couple of days, if you can find them that is. I have no outdoor space, not even a window ledge so cant grow them either. So what do I do when I get a beautiful big bag of mint, basil and parsley in my recent Eat Fresh Organic box, make herb butter of course! You can do single herb or combination of herbs.

Parsley, Basil, oregano, marjoram and thyme;

parsley, thyme and rosemary;

mint and rosemary;

Coriander (cliantro) parsley and mint

Basil, Dill and parsley

There are all combinations I have used in the past. Here’s how I make them.

herb butter Collage

1/2 Cup of chopped fresh herbs

2 Cloves of Garlic

Pinch of salt

250g (1/2 Cup) of melted butter (preferably organic and grass fed)

Cut up the herbs with some salt and garlic. I melt my butter in the dehydrator. Mix the herbs into the butter and make sure there is enough butter to coat them all. Either freeze the butter by pouring into a ziplock bag or waiting for it to harden slightly and make a sausage by rolling in cling film and twisting at both ends, or simply add to an Ice cube tray. Place in freezer and allow to freeze for 30 minutes. Take out and store in the freezer in a storage box or bag. Label to remember contents.

The herb-ed butter is delicious over cooked vegetables, in a baked potato (esp a sweet potato), to use to make garlic bread, over corn on the cob, to use in any cooking and on top of steak or chicken after cooking. How will you use yours?

Stir Fry with Herb Butter Glaze


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