Heal From Inflammation

HEaling from Inflammation Loula NAtural

Heal From Inflammation

If your body is showing signs of suffering from chronic or systemic inflammation (see here) then this is the article for you. There are so many ways we can heal and nourish the body. Allowing our body the time out of fight/flight mode and into rest and recovery is crucial to a long life that can be lived in health and joy. 

All chronic illnesses (anything with an -itis on then end or auto-immune disease) may show relief when adopting an anti-inflammatory approach to eating and living. You can also experience weight loss, more energy, less pain and muscle tightness and better digestion and immunity. Most report a decrease in allergy symptoms, skin conditions decrease and hormones seem to become more balanced.

I am a naturopath and see many clients with inflammation in their picture. I advise seeing someone who can recognise the drivers in your symptoms and adapt a whole body holistic approach in your personal treatment. The following advice is generalised and it is best to work one on one with your naturopath to come up with a plan that is achievable and personal to you.

Ways to heal inflammation and restore whole body health

 real food Loula natural

Pay attention to your diet– reduce refined sugars, grains, processed and man-made foods. See my post on anti-inflammatory foods

Eat foods that eat the foods they should eat; pasture raised chickens, eggs and pork, grass fed beef and raw milk (if possible), raw butter and cheese from grass fed cows. Lamb is generally grass-fed but consider that this may change as the demand for lamb and sheeps milk increases. Remember the organs and cuts on the bone are the best and most nutritionally dense parts of an animal and as natural meat eaters what we would have consumed.

Prepare foods traditionally. See Nourishing Traditions and Weston A Price for more information. Especially when it comes to feeding our young children. Soaking sprouting and knowing how to prepare, preserve and cook foods properly is essential.

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Ferment; (kefirkombuchasauerkraut, fermented fruit and vegetables) to balance your bacteria levels. See Culture Your Life for some guidance.

Use healing foods (herbs, spices, superfoods) where possible over pharmaceuticals and supplements. See my post on anti-inflammatory foods and nutrients to repair the digestive system

Consume natural fats; in good ratios and from good sources (coconut oil, ghee, eggs, meat/fish, bone broths, avocados and nuts and seeds prepared properly)

Try oil pulling; with coconut or sesame oil.

Reduce carbohydrates for bulk- rice, pasta, cous cous etc. Eating foods higher in fats and proteins that are closer to nature will make you feel satisfied. Rather than carb loading- which has big repercussions for whole body health.

Reduce chemicals; Cleaning products, cosmetics and processed foods. Be a creator and producer instead of a consumer. Make food from scratch and develop a healthier relationship to food- real food. See here for how you can promote and support detoxing, gently on a daily basis. The chemical cocktail of our lives can be a massive contributor to inflammation and chronic illness. See here and here for some natural cosmetics

Boost the immune system to help deal with environmental pollutants like air pollution but also chemicals used in furniture, clothes, water, paints, adhesives, and other man-made irritants that we are unable to control. Green powders/drinks, seaweeds and fermented foods can help our body to reduce toxin levels and excrete toxins safely and effectively. Also consider plants in your home and aromatherapy oils (therapeutic grade) to diffuse and neutralise your home rather than using air purifiers and chemical air fresheners to transform your homes into ‘alien environment’ that further stress the body.

Manage stress to turn on the rest and recovery mode (the opposite to fight and flight). Meditation (which is only breathing!), visualisation, Bach Flower remedies, gentle exercise (hiking/walking, yoga, pilates), Emotion Freedom Technique and Trauma Release Exercise (see here and here), massage/reflexology and many other relaxing methods. 

Recognising and releasing emotional blocks is very important. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself and some of your core beliefs about your life and appearance to reduce stress. Internalized emotions can be one of the biggest stressors in our lives and will greatly affect chronic and systemic inflammation. Have a look at Louise Hay, Byron Katie, Brandon Bays amongst others to try and reverse how you feel and speak to yourself. Also see an EFT specialist or META Health practitioner to remove thought patterns and beliefs about yourself. Energy medicine is incredibly powerful. Bach Flower Remedies are also amazing at being able to help your release physical ailments by releasing the emotion at their core. If in doubt start with Rescue Remedy and see advice from a professional. Homeopathy is also hugely recommended.

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Try and get into nature as much as possible. Check out methods of grounding your body and home or go hiking

Never underestimate the value of a great nights sleep. Try Bach Flower Remedies or Homeopathy to help ensure the body has time to heal and rest.

Balance all hormone levels with natural methods. Try and reduce pharmaceuticals as much as possible and consult a naturopath to support you with natural remedies.

If you think something is genetic- think again. Start to research into the work of Bruce Lipton and others who are arguing otherwise. Read Deep Nutrition, The Biology of Belief and what the bleep do we know amonst many others.





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