Gluten Free Meatball Pasta

Meatball pasta

Spaghetti bolognese is my daughters favourite meal- along with Slow cooker Lasagna. To continue the variation on a theme I also make Meatball pasta so I am not making the same thin all the time!! I use Rice pasta as we are Gluten-free at home. These meatballs can be made with any mince. There are also meat free meatball options that can also be substituted.

Meatballs ingredients


500g (1lb) Mince

(I like to make lots of meat balls as they are nice cold in lunchboxes!)

1 Onion

2-3 cloves of garlic

1cm ginger (skin off)

1tbs Parsley

1-2 tbs Coconut flour

2 tbs Coconut oil/olive oil for cooking



2 cups Stock

1/2 Green pepper

1/2 Red pepper

1 stick Celery

1/2 large carrot

2 cloves garlic

10-15 cherry tomatoes

1tbs tomato paste

1tsp Tamari/Amino Acids ( Soy Sauce Alternative )

Dash of red wine


Make meatballs by putting everything except the mince and coconut flour into a food processor and whizz will finely chopped. Add to a bowl and add mince. Work in with the back of a wooden spoon until all combined. Season with salt and pepper. Add coconut flour bit by bit to soak up any liquid and become a binder for the meatballs. Shape into balls and fry in the oil. Use a slotted spoon to take out the meatballs and reserve on a plate.

Meanwhile add all the sauce ingredients to your blender. I use a high speed blender so I dont worry about not peeling the tomatoes (otherwise you may want to do that). Blitz on the sauce  mode and when finshed dont worry that it is too watery. Add to the same pan you fried meatballs to de-glaze the pan. Allow to simmer and reduce while you put your pasta in to cook.

When pasta is cooked- drain it and then add thickened sauce. Add to your bowl and place meat balls drizzle over any remaining sauce. You can add cheese if you like or garlic Keifr sauce (in a future post). I had a batch of Practically Raw’s Nacho Cheese dip in the fridge which went nicely on top!

meatball nacho cheese

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