Get back into your skin

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It is time to get back into the world and feel safe and good in our skin.

We have put together this unique package to support your skin care needs. We all deserve to feel comfortable and confident in our skin. Physically and emotionally we are deeply connected to our outside layer. By approaching our skin from the outside, in with products and home facial techniques and from the inside out with our nutrition and emotions, we can enhance what we already have. The skin is our outside layer that we present to the world. A barrier and protective layer that we often take for granted and sometimes neglect. A little ritual every day and conscious thought towards how we treat our skin can go a long way.

What you get in your package for €55

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We have chosen all natural ingredient products for you to use at home. We searched for a kit that would nourish and improve your skin appearance and feel.

“(Holos products have) nutritional, therapeutic and age preventative benefits to the skin”

We have chosen a cleanser, toner, face cream and their best selling anti-ageing facial oil which is so light on the skin and smells amazing. The  product line is called Love Your Skin, we hope you will because we all deserve to be comfortable getting back out into the world.

***The price of the package includes package and postage within Ireland. Those outside of Ireland may need to pay extra for postage.***

This informative video teaches you how to build a skincare regime into your daily life. Learn simple and effective home facial techniques to get the most our of your prodcuts. Tracy is a very experienced Holistic Therapist who will guide you to honour and respect your skin from the outside, in

Naturopath and nutritional therapist Louise Kane Buckley will educate you about your skin, the obstructions to healthy skin and how to nourish your skin through simple nutritional tips you can incorporate into your daily diet. She has also included some recipes for simple homemade skin care and self care rituals you can choose to treat yourself with.

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Thats not all!!! Free gifts too…

Louise Kane Buckley is giving you a FREE 30 minute EFT session (worth €30) to work on some areas of your skin that you dislike or feel self conscious about. EFT is a simple and very effective way to clear negative thought patterns, habits and behaviours that are blocking you from loving your skin. This voucher can be used for an online or in person session and cannot be used for any other treatment and must pre-booked here or by emailing


Tracy McCarthy is giving you a FREE 30 minute holistic treatment of your choice from her extensive list of treatments available.Tracy McCarthy is giving you a FREE 30 minute holistic facial voucher that can be used in either of her treatment rooms (Kinsale or Clonakilty).  This voucher cannot be used for any other treatment and must pre-booked by contacting Tracy on 087 0577013

So what are you waiting for? Benefit from this amazing package today

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