Foraging from our hedgerows

Come and gain confidence to go foraging...

We all have free food and herbs on our doorsteps. We are fortunate to live with such abundance growing around us. Whether you use this course to plan what you grow in your own garden to to gain confidence to explore your local hedgerows is up to you.

Foraging is simple to learn and practice. No previous experience is necessary. It is empowering to be able to recognise and use wild plants, not to mention also more nutritious. Plants that can grow and thrive in the wild have more nutrients than those we buy and cultivate. Also, by learning about what grows in all 4 seasons can inform us about what our bodies may need to thrive and heal. There is a reason the elder trees have flowers in spring, and berries in autumn. Both benefit the immune system in the change of season, but they have different health providing characteristics. By using what nature provides for you in your local area, you will benefit greater than using the same herb all year around.

You will never look at your hedgerows in the same way after this workshop. It gets you outside and moving as well as benefiting from the food, nutrition and herbal compounds that the plants provide. This workshop also aims to offer inspiration for encouraging you to get the whole family to participate (and how to safely include them), hoping to instill a passion for plants in the younger generation. This may help to create a greater passion for us all to live more sustainably and conciousness of the importance of biodiversity in our locality.

When foraging it is important to consider the ecological and sustainable effects of your actions. Be respectful to the plants and their environment. Your rich and diverse ecosystem surrounding you is something to treasure and nurture, rather than plunder and destroy. Try to give back in some way by planting plants that are indigenous and help to protect your pollinators, bugs and birds as much as yourself. Reduce your impact by reducing your plastic waste and food waste. It all makes a difference.

What you will learn in the class

There will also be recommendations on books and apps to get you going, plus local insight into where to find specific plants in the area. There will also be some foraged foods to try during the class (seasonally appropriate)

Added extras

Alongside this classroom workshop you will recieve my ebooks Start Foraging and Top 10 Foraging Tips. There may also be foraged foods to try depending on availability in the season.

Start Foraging

The book that covers the content in the class in more detail. Use it to get ready for your foraging, plan what you will make and gain confidence to get out there and have a look at what you can find.

Top 10 Foraging Tips

Be inspired and reminded about what you can look for in your own local area.

Your Teacher

Louise has been a Naturopath and Nutritional therapist for over 12 years. She has lived in Cork for 5 years and has been an avid forager, learning what is in the area and making remedies and foods for her family and clients. You may be familiar with her seasonal elderflower and elderberry syrups she produces, turkey tail tincture and sloe brandy she made for Christmas presents. She has also has recipes for rosehips, cleavers, nettles, clover and dandelions. She also uses her foraged items to add to her ferments and jams/relishes.

Your class fee also includes an e-copy of both “Start Foraging” and “Top 10 Foraging Tips” written by Louise to refer back to. There is also the option to go and forage for elderflower/elderberries when in season. 

Cost of your Foraging Class

The class is classroom based and runs from 11.30am- 1pm.

Cost of the class is €45 per person

(If you bring a friend or family member with you it is €80 for 2 people)