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Healing Tea

My Husband had his eyes laser corrected on Friday. It was a nerve wracking and exciting prospect for him (and me). No more glasses and an enhanced way of life for him. It all went well and and I wanted to be ready to help him heal as naturally as possible (even though he has all the prescribed drops- I am ignoring the contents for now!) He had Bach flowers (rescue remedy) before and after and in the last couple of days as and when he wanted it.


Your eyes heal quickly as the incisions are not deep or that big. So therefore I wanted him to have Arnica (I am not a homeopath but I respect it and use it for first aid for myself and family. Anything more complicated or personal I always consult my very trusted one- let me know if you would like a referral). I also love Calendula as a healer and chamomile as a soother. The (local) raw honey is to add sweetness and added protection and immune boosting. I add it to the cup rather than the pot to help prevent scalding of the honey and killing the enzyme properties. As a plus it is delicious.


I also added some dried hibiscus flowers for some added antioxidant effect later in the day (he has had at least 5 pots of this in the last couple of days!). He also has Kefir/Kombucha daily to help support his immune system and digestive system so can trust he is a good self-healer!


So far so good and today he feels better. Modern medicine has some amazing pro’s and con’s. I am glad my husband can benefit from this aspect of it!


What would/have you done to aid healing?

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