What do you do when you get sick- Fever

What do you do when you get sick?


I am a Naturopath (see here for What is a Naturopath) and Nutritional therapist so I feel comfortable treating myself, family members and clients using only natural methods. If you or a family member feel ill then you should do what makes you feel comfortable. Contact your health professional who can make suggestions based on your own individual circumstances and symptoms.

Fever is the fundamental way for your body to deal with any imbalance- bacterial, viral and so one. It is not something to fear. Virus’ and bacteria all serve a necessary function in the body. Only when they are out of balance does the body needs to address it. Changing your body temperature is one way the body can do this.

I have experienced full on fevers a few times in my life (see my mastitis experience). Each time I have felt cold to my bones. Last night for example I had 3 cashmere jumpers on, 2 pairs of socks, scarf, trousers, I was under the duvet and then 2 blankets and I was still cold. Just to put this into context we are experiencing a super warm spring here in the tropics and it was 25 degrees and the rest of my family were in t shirts! I had no interest in eating or drinking I just wanted to be very still to warm up.

I was drinking my Elderberry Kefir all day and had also had some of my Roobios Kombucha. I had a cough and got my period a couple of days before but no other symptoms- no sore throat, no congestion- no real reason to have a fever. However yesterday was the anniversary of my mum’s death (2 years) and also my son had decided to take away the last feed he was on. Effectively weaning himself I had some guilt and fear about that also.

Change is all around us at the moment, my husband had some shocking work news, I had a load of cancellations and so  on top of everything else I may have been in a state of shock. I am a big believer that things happen for a reason and like to find the positive in everything. But fear and guilt are two emotions I feel acutely and I am learning to let go of them.

Besides rest and various immune boosting nutrients (like here and here) I also use my homeopathic first aid kit and try and use the one remedy that best fits the picture and allow it a least an hour to see if it makes a change. I took 3 different remedies over the 2 days (one dose of each). What worked for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit your picture- I took Phosphorous (30c)first for my cold then Belladona (200c) to bring on the fever then Gelsinium (30c).

I also consciously spent the time breathing in positive energy and out negativity, I said to myself- “I release fear, I welcome change and abundance” I know it may sound bonkers to some- but without at least acknowledging that side of things I believed I would find it harder to get calm and go to sleep. It certainly didnt hurt to try and couldn’t make things worse!

Going to the toilet helps to manage body temperature as does keeping hydrated and sweating- all should be encouraged- so when you are thirsty you should drink. There comes a point in a fever when you suddenly feel warm again, then hot! I try to allow my body to stay warm for as long as possible! I ensure hydration but there comes a time where you then start throwing off the covers and taking off the layers! Sleep is also very important- last night I slept from 7.30-7.30 waking only shed the layers and to have another drink!

Today I am stuffed up, but feel much better. Convalescence is very important so I made sure I kept warm and rested- close to home and with little stress. Luckily for us we have several public holidays for Chinese New Year!

What do you do for a fever?

Incidentally I would not (and do not) change this for children either) I monitor more than body temp- strength, lucidity, ability to eat/drink, colour and bodily fluids (incidentally I do not have a thermometer and nor do I feel the need for one).     

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