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As promised here are my reviews of some of the new books in the Fall bundle


Reversing Food Allergies Cookbook is based on the authors journey which started by being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 26. Not wanting to accept a diagnosis and prognosis of eventually needing a wheelchair she set out to find out how she could heal herself. By stating that 99% of food allergies can be reversed. This doesn’t include allergies that someone is born with which are called true allergies (1% of  those with allergies).  Through her research she started with eliminating nightshades- potatoes, aubergine, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes (which can really irritate a weakened digestive system). She the did an extensive elimination diet and in-introduction. Based on the GAPS diet there are 350 recipes to heal leaky gut. Recipes include how to make your own coconut flour, Ghee, Honey Milk, Grain Free Granola, Butternut Squash Pancakes (using gelatin as an egg replacement) and preserved lemons- Plus soooo many more!

Greening Your Holidays is  a great book. Cultivating the environment whilst keepingdonna_deforbes_greening_holidays_thumb traditions, giving our kids happy and healthy without using consumerism and and balancing the excess with what the planet needs. The author gets to the heart of each holiday from January through to December. By  taking you though the history, how the world traditions vary, simple tips to for greening it up and out of the box ideas to try new and different ideas. This is a great for parents to find ways other than sweets and chocolates for Valentines day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and all the other holidays in between. Lets start new green traditions for our children to pass on.

Eating in Pregancy is one of my favourite topics- just like the author. She rightly says jess_sherman_beautiful_bellies_thumbthat pregnancy should feel great and nutrition can play a huge role in that feeling. Nausea, exhaustion, depression, intense cravings, insomnia are thought to be normal things to experience during pregnancy. However all can be corrected with the right nutrition. You baby needs it but so do you. It will also make breastfeeding easier and the first few weeks including labor much easier if you get the nutrition right now. Not to mention losing the weight after. Most of the time it is how yo feed yourself post baby that is the stubborn weight that doesn’t seem to shift.Including loads of recipes and snack ideas with nutrient dense ingredients and how to support your digestion- this is the book for all first-time, second- time any time new mums to be!


Food Ninja’s. Some of you may be familiar with Matt Stones books- Diet Recovery (1 and 2) and Eat for Heat with these and his website www.180degreehealth.com he is changing the way people see food and weight loss. He has now turned his attention to children s metabolism. He has a child of his own and like all of us strives to give his child balance and the opportunity to make good food choices for themselves. Their metabolic rate is programmed from conception- within the womb they are fed when they need it- if they are breast fed on demand they are then also in control of their metabolism and if they are able to eat when, what and how much as a young child you are tapping into their internal instincts that they will be able to hold on to hopefully for their lives.

If they didn’t get that starting point- this book is not judging (thankfully) but it has some great tips for how to teach them, and us, how it should and can be. Re-educating us about metabolism and how it works is key to Matt Stones work and it all makes so much sense as it is written in a way for it to be easy to understand. He has a very definite style of writing- one that I enjoy reading and I am a big fan of all his books. Its a quick book to read and has information and tons of practical skills- two things a parenting book should contain!


There are a lot of gluten free recipe books in this bundle- I have chosen this one to review as I am always on the hunt to find recipes for lunch boxes! We dont eat sandwiches so I am always on the look out for great ideas to fill up my kids while out and about and at school. This book does not disappoint- the Gluten free flour mix ingredients I would play with but I will be using her tortilla recipe (and then make them into corn chips for nachos), I really like her Jelly, muffin and smoothie ideas, her ketchup, and all her dinner recipes! Good to have to hand when you want some inspiration!

There are so many more books in this bundle I have read and have lined up to read- even if there are only one or two you fancy- you will read more that you might not have considered and will love- for $39 just one of these books- a flick through the magazines and a couple of podcasts to listen to while trying to get somewhere will make it all worth it.

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