Fall into Health Amazing Bundle for 1 week only

Ok this bundle is immense! Packed full-

I’m not sure where to start!


Amazing price of $39 (usd) for over $2000 (usd) worth of swag!


So lets break it down-

47 Ebooks

Most of these you have never seen before and believe me you will really really want to read;

fall bundle new books

Reversing Allergies by Ann Marie Michaels from Cheeseslave

Gluten Free; Real Food Recipes for Kids by Tracey Black of Don’t Mess With Mama

Food Ninjas: How to Raise Kids to Be Lean, Mean Eating Machines – Matt Stone of 180 Degree Health

Beauty Your DIY by April Anderton from Healing For Real

Greening Your Holidays byDonna DeForbes of Eco-Mothering 

Gluten-free and Grain-free Breads, Batters and Doughs by Halle Cottis of Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

Real Food Real Good Cookbook by Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo

Season’s Eatings: 62 Core Plan & Advanced Plan Menu Options for Thanksgiving and Christmas by Elise Schwartz of Healing Cuisine by Elise

Beautiful Bellies: What to Eat for an Awesome Pregnancy by Jess Sherman 

Break Out the Inner MILF by Jacki Hayes of Dare 2 Dream, Dare 2 Do

Heritage Cooking: Historic Recipes for Modern Kitchens byLori Elliott of Our Heritage of Health

The Organic Kitchen: Autumn/Winter Menus by Linda Spiker

I will be reviewing these through the week and there are many many more!


Then we aren’t even close to finishing- there is so much more!


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Podcasts that are normally $2.99 (usd) a pop are all included

From Names like Chris Kresser of Chris Kresser.comJoel Salatin of Polyface Farms, Diane Sanfilippo – Author of NY Times Bestseller, Practical Paleo, Liz Wolfe of Cave Girl Eats and Jeffrey Smith – Author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette

If that isnt enough there is more;


The Reversing Food Allergies Online class alone gives lifetime access to 50+ hours of video tutorials and 200+ grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free recipes. A $199 value! All included in the $39 Bundle Price

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Emily Bartlett of Holistic Squids Meal Plans are legendary- with this bundle you will get a detailed shopping list, your schedule for the week laid out, recipes for 5 dinners, one double recipe each week to bank “fast food” in the freezer, bonus recipes each week, gluten- and dairy-free options and adjustable portions — for singles, couples, or families of any size! You get one month of meal plans (2 Paleo and 2 real food plans) plus a coupon code for 50% off either subscription. All included in the $39

No not finished yet-are you still with me


of this is included for $39 (usd)! As well as…

2_magazines Digital copies of both magazines will be sent to you… then to cap it all off


How can you say no?!

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