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An Expat in my own country Loula Natural



I have lived most of my life in one country and the other half in the country of my nationality. Both have had their ups and downs and I was very chuffed to be asked by Ariana of And Here We Are to share some of my experiences as the next generation of expats and also my life as an expat in my own country.

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Here are some highlights;

I was born in Baghdad to British parents.

I lived in Hazelmere, Surrey (England) for a few months when I was 1 before we moved to Hong Kong

I have a younger brother who was born in Hong Kong

I moved to London at the age of 18 to go to University and pursue my life long dream of being on the stage

I did my degree in drama and Theatre Studies then did a Master’s in Acting at Central School of Speech and Drama.

I then became a PErsonal Trainer and NAturopath and Nutritional Therapist 

I had a daughter, got married to my partner in crime, moved back to Hong Kong just after my mum died and had my son.

I love my life and never regret a moment!

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Are you the child of expats? Are you an expat yourself? I would love to heat your experiences. 

Also check out Ariana’s lovely book (see my review on the page);

Pruned: Blossoming Through Life’s Difficult Seasons 


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