Eva’s Hot Cacao

Eva's Hot Cacao

I love making hot chocolate, since we live in a hot country we make it iced too! Here’s the basic recipe

Fill a cup of milk of your choice (Dairy, CoconutNut, or Oat- I use the latter three)

1 tbs Raw Cacao Powder

Coconut sugar or coconut nectar to taste (or your sugar of choice also used dark brown, date or organic sugar. Maple  or Yacon syrup is another option)

Vanilla Essence (I use Medicine Flowers- I also like Hazelnut , Almond or Mint essence too. Also you can add coffee concentrate)

In the hot chocolate I always add 1/2 tsp of coconut oil

Ice if you are making it cold

If making hot chocolate add the ingredient to the saucepan until they are combined and the desired heat. If making cold put all ingredients in your smoothie maker with some ice and blend. You could also add ice-cream instead of ice if you like. Couldn’t be easier or better for you!

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