EFT Workshop

For the next 3 days I am on a Level 1 and 2 EFT course. I will be following up here on how it is going…

Day 1

I know the practitioner running the workshop and greatly respect her knowledge and experience. I also really like her as a person so I was very excited to go on the course. I really wanted to go on this course to help leave behind several feelings and patterns that are impacting my life. I have a short fuse and I allow myself to get angry at things (especially at my daughter) that are not a big deal. I could see my life and reactions mimicking my mums reactions and my relationship with my daughter was morphing into that with my mum. I love my mum (she sadly died last year) but our relationship was dysfunctional and full of power struggles. I did not want that for me and Eva. I can also see her anger patterns mimicking mine so wanted to teach her a tool to be able to let things go and release emotion.

I also was really excited to use the techniques with clients. I already use Bach Flower Remedies and love their simple and effective addition to my practice and clients lives. EFT however is something that can be done anywhere any time without the need of any equipment. Once you learn the simple technique it can be applied to any situation.

The proof is in the pudding. Normally a 3 full day course leaves you feeling muddled, exhausted and spinning. Today however although a little tired I feel clear headed, motivated but the most amazing feeling is a sense of lightness and calm. Feelings I have not experienced for a long time!

Today I also lost my zeal for Decaf Iced Mocha’s. A drink which only became an addiction since getting pregnant with my son almost 2 years ago. I am not a coffee fan (love the smell though!) and caffeine makes me feel woozy and tired. So to taste it and for the taste to be unbelievably bitter and horrid after a few minutes tapping was unreal! It was affecting my mood and post partum weight loss so I am very happy to see that go!

Looking forward to what day 2 has to offer!

Day 2;

I had left behind real inadequacy feelings on day one. I had been bogged down with constantly feeling that people judged me. Feeling stupid was always a big one for me, no one would respect my opinion because I was stupid and have made bad decisions. Now thinking back on the event I tapped on I have no emotion about it. The feeling is so incredibly revitalising its hard to put it into words- even when I call myself stupid it will not resonate at all. I tell myself that it is hogwash and its empowering. So on day two I released some feelings of guilt and even tackled my fear of snakes.

I wouldn’t even look at a picture to begin with but after a few rounds I still felt a bit sick looking at the picture- but I could do it and was interested in it. I will keep at it myself and see if I can go into a reptile house one day!!!

We finished Level one EFT and moved onto Level 2. Going home felt great and I feel the shift between me 2 days ago and me now. The calmness is just so wonderful- I feel happy- even with Eva hopping up and down off her chair at dinner! She is responding to it also and we are having some lovely bonding time. Nate was unsettled last night with his big molars coming in and I was even able to respond to that without feeling in knots or tired and drained.

I am going to write 10 things I am grateful for every day. You have to act as if you already have what you want but you also need to believe you have it and that you are grateful for.

Day 3;

We all slept in in the morning so I had a rush to get out of the house. Normally I would be so stressed at being late and berating myself- but although I remained concerned about being late I was able to stay measured about it. I was looking forward to the last day and still felt refreshed. I am still in wonderment that I have absolutely no interest in ‘rewarding myself’ with my iced mochas and havent needed any sweet treats at all for the last couple of days. My sleep has been really deep and full and I am waking calm and happy and much less groggy- even though I am still feeding Nate the same. Eva is definitely less anxious and I have been getting a kiss and a wave out of Nate too!

We did lots of group taps and no partnering up on the last day. There was a great demonstration where we witnessed a real shift in someone and the group tap about money left me so excited about all the abundance coming my way it was incredible! I have also put some things in motion to make working easier and some of my core beliefs about money have definitely shifted. Now to start goal setting. To have a tool to really help with motivation and to work out confusion and stalling on my part is just so liberating! The best thing about it is that it takes up such little time it is easy to squeeze into the day. Especially when you can tap on why you are stalling yourself on Tapping!

I am really looking forward to joining the tapping study groups and looking into Meta Health (sign up here– its free!). I am interested in seeing how to use it to help those around me and most of all changing my energy and noticing how the world changes around me!

I am planning to record a short introduction to tapping and making it my first video post! (something I have been putting off for a year now!)

Here are some resources that have helped my journey and is my new wish list!

Gary Craig-

One of the founders of EFT

Website; www.emofree.com

Books; The EFT Manual (2nd Edition)

Meta Health

Website; http://www.metahealthsummit.com/

Book; Meta-Health Decoding your body’s intelligenceMETA-Health – A Revolutionary New Healing Paradigm (Kindle Edition)

Bruce Lipton-

Brilliant proof that we are completely products of our environment with important information to understand how our Genes are not what controls us. We are not victims- we are architects!

Book; The Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect; The Science of Creating Heaven on EarthSpontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here 

Audio book; The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology

Dvd; The Biology of Belief Lite

Website; www.brucelipton.com



What the Bleep Do we Know

You Tube clip;


Candace Pert;

Has written on how our thoughts affect our body. She has also said that “EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement”

Books; Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

Audio Book; Your Body Is Your Subconscious MindPsychosomatic Wellness: Guided Meditations, Affirmations and Music to Heal Your Bodymind

Louise Hay;

Uses positive Affirmations to help change physical unease.

Affirmation Cards; Power Thought Cards, Wisdom Cards, I Can Do it Cards

Books; You Can Heal Your Life

 Nick Ortner

Does Group tapping. He does skip some points. Watch the Gary Craig introduction first.

Greg Braden

Book; The Divine MatrixThe Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits (kindle edition)

DVD; The Divine Matrix

You Tube


Napolean Hill

Books; Outwitting the Devil (Recently been allowed to be published on the controlling aspects of religion and the school system), Think And Grow Rich

I will be adding more over the next day or so!

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