I loved school. I loved the friendships, the learning process , the sports and the arts. I pick up things pretty quickly and  have always cruised through life. I was not bothered with grades so much, just passing with minimal effort! I was lucky it suited me. My brother is way more intelligent than his grades used to show him as. He changed schools loads of times and had real problems with some teachers.  I don’t think people appreciate just how brilliant his mind is. He also wasn’t prepared to conform for others. I think my daughter is similar. She knows her own mind and is not afraid to express it. She is 3. Her current kindergarten suits her- it is open plan, classrooms and classmates are not restrictive and if she doesn’t like what’s going on in her class she is free to roam and join in somewhere else. She is thriving. What is going to happen in a couple of years when she goes to Primary school?

She is a challenger, she pushes limits, she is independent, intelligent and very very funny.  She is physical, she has a short attention span (mostly because she has worked it out and wants to move on) and she can get frustrated very quickly.  In other ways she needs to let concepts sit with her, pushing them makes her push back. She will surprise me with her memory everyday and the detail she remembers is astounding sometimes. She is awesome and while at times a challenge to parent, I wouldn’t have her any other way. I worry about her future in school and I never want her to have a teacher set upon crushing her spirit like my brother encountered. I saw this today;


and I loved it and I think it may be sending me on a path I am very scared to go on.

Why am I scared? Because it relies on me to provide everything myself. When will I work? I love my job it is a vocation, a need to fill. When will I have my time- isn’t when they are at school when you get to do all the other stuff like the shopping, cleaning, washing, reading, resting? I need space to recharge when will I get that? Homeschooling will consume everything I have. I get excited about it and sick with dread at the same time. What I do know is it is not allowed in HK, people do it I know but it seems to be a very closed shop. I know right now she is thriving, there is no point in worrying about what might happen. She has a great teacher right now and she may continue to have teachers who love and inspire her throughout her schooling- as I did. I am making sure I am helping her to recognise emotions and be able to talk about how she feels and to communicate what she wants and needs and constantly working on my own reasons for finding her so challenging. But this morning I was inspired and saw a whole different life ahead and I was compelled to share!

Really keen to hear feedback about what you have done in this situation!

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