Coco-berry Milkshake

cocoberry milkshake Loula Natural

My kids love their smoothies and milkshakes! I always like to make sure that I am giving them something tasty (so they drink it and ask for more!) but that also contains all the nutrients they need in a snack. Every food/drink you’ll find on my blog always contains fat and protein, without  a balance it will not fill them up! Here is more information on fats from me and how they nourish the body and shape your future health.

This recipe contains fat from coconut. By combining the fresh water and juice you are getting a well balanced drink already. Plus the natural sweetness means that this is a sugar free drink- bonus! Mix with strawberries colour and antioxidants and gelatin for the protein and perfect for their growing bodies. The Kefir then makes sure all that goodness is absorbed by the digestive system and continues to support their immune system (it wouldnt be a recipe from me without it!) I am very happy- so are they- win win!

Try this in ice-lolly molds too!

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cocoberry milkshake Loula Natural Pin


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