Christmas Magic Posts to Inspire

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Christmas Magic-Posts to Inspire

I believe in the Magic of Christmas. Two years ago I had the last Christmas with my mum, she died 4 weeks later, but we had no idea at the time. We fought horribly that Christmas- she hadn’t yet told anyone but she was terrified of dying. I believe she knew what was going to happen – she had multiple brushes with discord and imbalance in her body for the last 16 years.

My mum had some horrible family Christmas’ as a child, so along with my dad she made every effort to give my brother and I amazing after amazing Christmas. The sad thing is that although the last 33 Christmas’ she had shared with us were great (and a few nice ones with just her and my dad); she constantly chose to remember the horrible ones in her heart. I find that choice really heartbreaking as my brother and I love Christmas, and my mum and dad are very much at the centre of all those happy memories.

It feels strange not having her here with us- especially at Christmas (this is the second), and I have been striving to try and re-create the same love of Christmas in my own children. Children really bring the magic of Christmas alive. Their joy and excitement when dressing the tree or wrapping presents is catching. However hard I  have tried not to, I have found myself fallen prey to the consumerism of Christmas. Although my husband and I decided not to buy anything for each other (I have strongly stated I would like to open ‘something’!) I have bought the kids WAY too much!

These posts have all touched on various different parts about Christmas that I love so much, and I am really enjoying singing carols with the kids, helping my 4 year old writing all her Christmas cards, constantly finding baubles my 17 month old keeps taking off the tree whilst saying “wow” and am looking forward to our family of four’s holiday in the sunshine.

Please share in the comments your favourite Christmas memories. I would love to read them

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Christmas Magic- Loula Natural from And Here We Are Christmas Magic Loula Natural from And Here We Are

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Christmas Magic Loula Natural from Cheerfull Imperfect

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Christmas Magic Loula Natural from The Paleo Mama

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Christmas Magic posts to inspire Loula Natural from Weed em and reap

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