Homemade Chocolate

  This is how I make my Homemade chocolate-

1 Cup of coconut oil

(or half with half cocoa butter)

1 cup raw cacao

(or half and half with raw cacao nibs for a chocolate chip consistency)

Sweeten to taste with coconut nectar or maple syrup- or coconut sugar if you dont want it smooth. I have also sweetened with goiji berries, dates or simply with a tbs Peanut butter.

If you need to melt your coconut oil or cocoa butter use a bain marie over a bowl of boiled water- or use your dehydrator.

Blend ingredients in a food processor or stir in a measuring jug. Either lay out onto grease-proof paper in a sallow baking tin, in small chocolate molds or i like to 1/4 fill my silicon cupcake mold.

Place in the freezer and freeze until hard (between 30 mins to an hour) break up and store in glass container in fridge.

Homemade chocolateYou can add anything to this basic mix to flavour you chocolate. yum yum.  

Full of magnesium and b vitamins and antioxidants!

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