Choco-Coco Milkshake

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I just knocked together the most delicious milkshake for the kids- it was difficult to give away!!!! Its 5pm and I have to get dinner done and with one child almost able to entertain herself (almost 4) I have one under my feet still (15 months). He is constantly looking for food or emptying the cupboards etc. So for a 5 min window I decided to give them a milkshake (read smoothie!!)


1 cup Oat Milk

1 Cup Fresh Coconut Water (or carton)

1/2 Cup Ice

1-2 tbs Coconut Yoghurt (buy it in Hong Kong here)

Handful of flaked Coconut (could use coconut mana or coconut yoghurt)

Handful of Cacao nibs (or tbs of cacao powder or homemade chocolate)

1tbs nut butter (peanut, hazelnut,cashew, almond or my apricot kernal one)

1tbs Gelatin (I like this gelatin for drinks)

few drops of vanilla extract

dash of maple syrup (optional as it was already pretty sweet)

Blitz all of the above in a high speed blender and serve! Kids seal of approval!

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