One Small Thing That Changed My Life

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One Small Thing That Changed My Life

I have been asked  by my good friend Laura Paul to share “just one thing” I have changed in my life on my journey to health and natural wealth. This has been a very hard thing to do. ONE thing- and it has to be a small thing!? Over the last 15 years or so in my journey I have changed so many things. Foods, beliefs, thoughts, routines, exercise goals, body shapes and sizes and have also had two kids- so pinpointing one thing, thats tough!

So here is what I have come up with…I think that the fundamental change I have made to my life (since I have to pick ONE!) is that I have changed how I think about myself and my abilities. If you change how you think, you change how you feel and if you change how you feel it affects all your choices.

Yesterday I was thinking about all the years I punished my body. I was conditioned to believe that  I could only get what I want  by punishing myself . My body was not good enough, fast enough or small enough in the right places. I needed to train more, heavier and harder; I needed to concentrate more, be less selfish, be more organised, more pushy, get out there more, be classier, smarter, funnier, prettier, less lazy and I definitely needed to eat less. I needed to beat, starve, and berate myself to get the results I was looking for.

By changing this one thing, everything changed. I was bashed, bruised, sore, scared and vulnerable. I totally changed how I saw myself and what needed to be done. I was so mortified about how I had become someone so eager to please everyone else that I was deeply miserable myself. Meeting my husband helped me through this and he showed me that to be in a loving relationship or friendship you don’t NEED the other person to complete you. A  strong partner didn’t mean a strong me because I could lean on him. I realised that two strong people, capable of making themselves happy first was an awesome combination. That when you don’t NEED the other person, you are not disappointed or relying on them for anything except partnership. That the person who may need to change is not them, but you.

The other thing I used in abundance was my Bach Flower Remedies (EFT came much later). First Rescue Remedy, then my own remedy combinations. These sets of armour have really helped me to heal and repair in safety and love. For myself. By allowing me to see myself differently I was able to turn nastiness into nurturing, pushing into guiding, hating to loving.

So there you have it- grab some rescue remedy and start seeing yourself differently and let me know what you change!

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