Bulletproof Rooibos

Bulletproof Rooibos Loula Natural

Bulletproof Rooibos

Now I know Bulletproof is the brand of coffee- well it stands for a bit more than that. Bulletproof has taken on a whole new meaning. It is based on how you drink your coffee and how to maximise the nutrients in the coffee and minimise the absorption of the caffeine in one go. So I have been bulletproofing everything! Basically adding fats to add nutrients (read here to see why I love fats so much).

See my Bulletproof Smoothie and my Bulletproof Kefir Gummies and now Rooibos tea! I love my iced tea. I live and grew up in Asia so I also like my bubble tea- icy sweetness! So this is a great way to get some anti-oxidants from the tea and some gorgeous fats into my diet

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