Building our Urban Homestead

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I love to grow things. I am especially good at growing and nurturing humans! I am not so successful with plants. When I met my husband, he helped me to develop my garden in London and loves taking the kids out into nature with me. It is a huge blessing that he has this affection towards nature and that he is way better than me at growing plants! Its a good match!

Since we moved to Hong Kong it has been difficult to keep our feet on the ground (we lived on the 27th floor so I mean that literally!). We recently moved to a house with a small garden and roof top and it has been our plan to start growing our own foods- our own attempt at an urban homestead. We bought a lemon tree a few weeks into arriving and now we are embarking on our herb garden. 

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After a trip to Kadoorie farm where the farm shop sells a broad selection of plants (most are only $20HKD) we quickly got to work planting them. My sister in law has also started to cultivate some from seeds so we are all very excited to have herbs to hand as they are difficult to find here in the supermarket and do not last long at all (see my herbed butter cubes for the best way to store fresh herbs).

It is really great getting the kids involved and we cant wait to start with our tower planting and getting our composting going. This is an interesting DIY garden trellis we are interested in modifying. Anyone have any tips from your homestead- they will be well received!! Let me know what you grow.

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