Please Help me come up with a Book Title

Guys I would love some input

Whilst writing my ebook (which was meant to be free in return for newsletter subscription) I accidently have written a massive, concise and I think pretty exciting Kefir and Kombucha recipe book and manual.

I have submitted it to join in the next VGN Book Bundle at the end of the month. I am planning to do excepts of it for my free book for subscriptions! It has to be finished by the 11th Aug. I think this will happen as the content is 99% there I would love some input on the title.

This is mine

Culture You Life; Kefir and Kombucha Recipes for Your Every Day Nourishment

Yay or nay? Can you think of any alternatives- please answer in the comments section…If I use your title you can have a free copy 😉

Here is the finished product;


HKD$150 (Approx USD $19 GBP £12 AUS $20)

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