Black Forest Gateaux

Modern Update of a Classic;

Black Forest Gateaux

Black Forest Gateaux Loula Natural

My dad loves Black Forest Gateaux for his birthday. My mum made a few for him but she was never the cake maker in our house- dad always made the birthday cakes and puddings in general. 

So for his 60th birthday I made him one myself- it is pretty easy to make. Now for his (65th) since all of us have issues with Gluten and Dairy I wanted to try and make a delicious nutritious one. 

modern update blackforest gateaux Loula Natural

He has a place in Spain and loves his Malaga wine so I have used that to soak his cherries- normally you would use Kirsch. Really anything goes if you don’t want to buy a bottle for 1 recipe! You could also just use fresh cherries but it does deepen the flavour to use the soaked dried cherries.

Let me know if you have any classics you would like to see updated?

Here are all the ingredients before;

before construction of black forest gateaux Loula Natural

and here is the after again!

Black Forrest Gateaux Loula Natural

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