Birthday Cakes and Frosting!

easy cake decorating

Every year for my two kids I make the same cake- It is a gluten free carrot cake. I have followed the same recipe (with additions and tweaks every year) for the last 5 years. I wanted to start a birthday cake tradition. So I am keeping the recipe to myself to share with the kids as and when they want to make the cake for their own kids.

When my son was born I wondered if I should develop a different cake for him. However I decided both kids would have the same- it is hard to dislike carrot cake! Also I didn’t want arguments in the future about which cake was better, nicer etc!

I learnt how to make cool tops for the cake on Pinterest (where else!). I wanted to share that with you…

Draw around your baking tin onto baking paper.

evas cake

On baking paper you draw the design- so far we have had Minnie Mouse, a Bulldog, Belle and the Beast and now a T Rex. I use a combination of ‘how to’s’ I have found online and artistic license! It is actually pretty easy. However if you are a little creatively challenged you can print out an image and trace it onto the baking paper.

Then using an icing pen like this one or I use these icings. Shock horror they are not organic or natural. However they do a really good job and are such a tiny part of the cake- its what I use!

Then you just use them like crayons and colour in your picture! Use the black one first to do all the out lines and then the colours. Remember your cake topper will be flipped over so will be the mirror image. I forgot and a number 4 didnt work out so well last year!

I then pop it in the freezer over night.

I cut my cake in half and frost it with all different combinations. This time I used mascapone and mixed in 2 tbs milk kefir, dash maple syrup and used some shaved cacao paste- my goodness chocolate chip frosting at its finest! Then you just pop the icing layer on top icing side down and slowly peel off the baking paper.

cake Collage

Let me know what you make!


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