Being Inspired

Sunset from the Yacht Club over looking ICC building and TST
Sunset from the Yacht Club over looking ICC building and TST

I really enjoy being inspired and motivated by others- either friends and family, bloggers and clients. Other people in Healthy Living industry are a constant source of inspiration. I love referring when I can and crediting people for giving me inspiration. I believe it makes me a better practitioner and my business more open and inclusive. Recently I have joined a network of like minded people and I am so grateful for their help, openness and willingness to share and grow with others. There is no feeling of competitiveness and everyone is credited for their ideas and work they have put in to their blog and other posts. That’s how it should be-there is room for everyone. By closing ourselves off what do we achieve professionally and personally?


But most of all Nature is really inspiring me at the moment. Colour in the sunshine is so vibrant and beautiful. I have just started a free online art course and I am determined to finish and really grow and learn something about myself through some creativity. Did it come at a time when I am silly busy- of course- but then that means its the perfect time to reflect on what is important! The photo above was taken before dinner on Friday night and the whole evening was relaxed and very enjoyable and I think this picture has reminded me how incredible nature is and how lucky I am to be able to experience all that I do!


How do you enjoy being inspired?

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