Banana, Date and Sesame Muffins

Banana Date and Sesame Muffins Loula Natural fb

Banana, Date and Sesame Muffins

It was the last day of term party at my daughter’s kindergarten this week. Sharing food at school is not allowed for many reasons but at the end of term they are able to bring food for sharing.

There is a no nut rule in the school and so I wanted to make sure my daughter was able to have food she could make herself, can eat herself (she has sensitivities to wheat, some dairy and has a strong reaction to refined sugar) and also be excited to share with her friends.

We looked through all my recipe books and we decided on a banana and date bread recipe. I have adapted and added nutrition to it, so that we are all happy! They tasted great too! We are gluten free in the house so I used Tapioca, Oat and Coconut flour, I then used  kefir to keep them moist and light. Since I could not use almond flour (no nuts) I added black sesame seeds which contain more antioxidants. 


We also made Cinnamon Salty Sweet Popcorn for her to take too. I sent a whole box and none of them came back so that seems like a success!!


Light and moist, the dates helped to add texture and sweetness to the muffins. The mixture was wet without being sloppy and by keeping the muffins small by using this pan (from Amazon but in Hong Kong I bought it on Shanghai St) the cooking time was only 10 mins!  About the right amount of time to keep my daughter engaged with the task!

Banana Date and Sesame Muffins Loula Natural pin

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