Back to School- Lunch Box Round Up

lunch box round up

My daughter is only at Kindergarten but she is in the afternoon class so she has lunch at 11.30 then snack time is 2pm so I tend to pack her a second mini lunch so she is not a little angry ravenous Monkey when we come home at 3.30! Everything has to be nut free, which for me is tough as I love to use nuts to make our foods nutrient dense. I substitute nuts for seeds (sesame, pumpkin and sunflower mostly as we use hemp in our chia and smoothies!). They also have to be gluten and dairy free for us too so no sandwiches unless I make the bread myself!

Here are some ideas I am going to work into her lunchbox (this is the lunch box I lust after!) and work well for snack times too for my son!

Thank Your Body



These are great alternatives to pack in your kids lunchbox. Especially if they are making the transitions from processed to real food. Something that they can recognise , however by using real ingredients they will actually be nourished and receive some nutrients.

Reclaiming Provincial

vegan ravioli

I am going to try these with buckwheat flour!

Veggie Belly


My kids will be all over these!

Your Vegan Mom

sweet potato tater tots

These will be really nice with hummus, quinoa flatbreads and carrot chips (peeled/spiralised carrots, olive oil salt baked till crispy!)

 We Got Real


Savory Lotus




Health Home Happy


There is a recipe for coconut flour wraps on here I really want to try- need to buy some more eggs!

Rubies and Radishes

nori wraps


Sushi is a big hit in our house- making these together in the morning before school will be fun!

Heath Nut Nation


Primally Inspired


These are a great no nut version

Loula Natural

beetroot brownies

My absolute favourite- for school I make them with buckwheat flour rather than almonds. Also quick Sandwiches are Romaine lettuce leaves with salad and either Kefir cheese, salami, hummus or falafel wrapped up;

Lettuce Wraps

Holistic Squid

Holistic Squid


Lots of great tips here

Grassfed Girl


I am really keen to use these as wraps or will make nice banana tahini sandwiches!


Other Links;

How about this Paleo, gluten free recipe for Orange Chicken- perfect with a salad from Eat Your Beets

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