Apple Pie-Smoothie

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I am such a massive fan of apples. They are great for digestion, the fibre feeds bacteria and helps to regulate blood sugar levels, the acids in apples also help liver detoxification and digestive healing. The peels are also packed with nutrients like antioxidants! It’s no wonder they have the ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

I am glad my kids love them too as we often have apple slices with nut butter as snacks (cut the apple into disks without coring and they even make good ‘sandwiches’!). You can make apple sauce with peels on or off- I then use my peels to make apple cider vinegar or in my stock pot so every bit of goodness is used

Whenever I see reduced apples I buy them up and put them in the slowcooker (I have this one) to make slow cooked apple sauce. This goes in the fridge to make apple Kefir, apple muffins, and in our Chia Porrige, Pork chops, sauerkraut and now my apple pie smoothie.

Here are some other Apple Pie recipes from bloggers I love;

Apple Pie Smoothie from Good Girl Gone Green

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Apple Pie Smoothie Loula Natural

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