Healthy Snacks; Grain free and full of healthy fats

Healthy Snacks Lunch boxes, after school, before dinner, pre/post work outs, 11’s, with a cup of tea/coffee, sugar slump at 3/4, friends over, picnics, or just because- snacks are in our lives. I used to snack badly. I would generally get so hungry I would be grabbing for something, normally high in carbs and low … Continue reading Healthy Snacks; Grain free and full of healthy fats

Fat Banana Custard

Fat Banana Custard I have been enjoying instagram so much, here I am if you want to find me. I love the creativity and inspiration of people from around the world- making connections with people in their lives is very exciting. There are a few people on there that I look out for as I … Continue reading Fat Banana Custard

The Ultimate Fat Smoothie

How can I get fats into my diet? You probably know by now, how much I love fats! They are great for reducing chronic inflammation, boost your immune system, change your body shape, balance blood sugar levels and even balance hormone levels. I am looking to lose weight for life and fats have been integral … Continue reading The Ultimate Fat Smoothie

Who Really Uses Fats

Who Really Uses Fats Who Really Uses Fats? I guess it depends on what kind of fats? Not all fats are created equal after all. The ones that cause inflammation and irritation are those so far removed from their natural starting points (margarine and corn oil for example) that the body just does not recognise … Continue reading Who Really Uses Fats