5 Ways to Look after Yourself


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There are so many ways to look after yourself. All of these ways can be boiled down to 5 key areas. There are so many books out on the subject and it is hard to know which ones to read. Luckily I have read some great new ones and I have reviewed them here.

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1. Love Yourself. Wisdom becomes knowledge when it is personal experience, I have plenty in trying to love myself. It sounds easy to say but hard to do. However I have truly never felt better since I gave up all negative thoughts about myself, and now that I tapped away my anxiety about what others may think about me I have never felt more energised. Love Your Body- Elizabeth Walling is a great book to read. Her very refreshing and invigorating methods and descriptions allow you to believe in yourself and like what you are looking at in the mirror. “You are what you think about your body” and only you can change how you think and feel. Read all the negative consequences, put the past in the past and plan to move forward. It is amazing how when you stop putting yourself down how much more sleep you may get. The Sleep Solution Emily Benfit will help you to balance other areas to ensure an excellent nights sleep. I have had bouts of insomnia over the years and wish I had this as a resource then. It has some excellent advice and information for all you out there not getting a restful night. To help you get your body back to balance naturally check out Kick the Weight with Keto by Kim Knoch and Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too by DaNelle Daley Wolford. Both brilliant books about how to stop believing in the weight loss lies and forming an amazing plan to get your body to its natural shape using natural real food methods. It is so much easier to feel at easy with yourself with some energy so check out Three Weeks to Vitality by Mary Vance.


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2. Have some Fun. Joy is the essence of success! Make sure you have laughter and some high jinks in your life to break up the day to day! We can get stuck in routines so every now and then break free. Check out the tremendous Natural Cocktails by Kendhal Millecam. It is simply the ultimate cocktail book. Learn how to make all of the added extras naturally such as bitters, tonic water (yes you can make it at home!) maraschino cherries, pickled olives, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce- so all on my to do list! Plus every cocktail on the planet! No weekend is complete without trying at least one recipe (you can always make them Virgin ones if necessary!). Also nothing makes me happier than getting some movement and exercise into my life. Read Real Fit at Every Age by Julie Le Garde for inspiration. As an incredible woman herself, she motivates and energizes you to get moving. Outlining how best to start and with good tips as to what is out there you have no excuse not to be out there moving!


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3. Heal yourself. There are so many books out there now on natural health. I have been hooked on Healer by Joseph Dispenza. A mesmerising book of epic proportions about an incredible woman (Dr Hazel Parcells) who knew and contributed so much to bring so many people ‘alive’ by assisting and guiding their healing. A must read for anyone and everyone interested in natural health. Also check out 30 Day Heartburn Solution by Craig Fear a clear and concise book laying out why heartburn is so prevalent in western society and how you  can turn around your acid levels and promote a healthy and strong digestive system. Quit PMS by Lauren Geertsen and Feed Your Fertility by Emily Bartlett and Laura Erlich are both must reads on how to balance the female reproductive system that seems to be so out of whack with so many women at the moment. Of course there is also my own book Culture Your Life by yours truly Learn about how fermented drinks (kefir and kombucha) can change your life and heal your digestive system.

Healer is about an incredible woman (Dr Hazel Parcells) and energetic healer and practitioner who knew and contributed so much to bring so many people 'alive' by assisting and guiding their own healing. A must read for anyone and everyone interested in natural health.

You can buy them all in the bundle here

4. Eat Real Food. With so many recipes out there on the internet, Pinterest and in the book shops sometimes it is shocking how many cut corners with packaged and processed foods. The following books help you to make simple, honest food at home to nourish and strengthen. 30 Days of Simple Dinners by Rachel Jones has recipes perfect to add to your weekly planning. Many recipes use leftovers of the meals in the book so work well when planning and prepping. Recipes like Grilled Greek Pork with Tzatziki, shredded beef burritos and chicken and avocado salad will all go down well in my house! Simple Salads by Kristen Michaelis is great because it is broken down into seasons helping you to get the best out of your produce. Including all the recipes to make your own condiments and dressings any one of the salads will complement your meals or together will create an awesome spread for any get together or pot lucks. Beyond Broths by Jill Tieman has some mouth watering soup recipes just asking to be whipped together. Nutrient dense and healing and strengthening gain the confidence to make your own stock and then transform it into a wonderful nourishing meal. Eating Additive Free by Christy Pooschke has 160 recipes (many traditional family meals) all with natural ingredients. She also includes handy shopping guides and tips which makes planning and trips to the supermarket so much easier. Gluten Free Vegetarian By Hannah Heely is my new go to on vegetarian night. Having the recipes soy-free is also really helpful to us. With over 80 recipes I am inspired and motivated to try and do more than one meal a week. Grain Free Meal Plan By Cara Comini makes meal planning so much easier. By laying out all the recipes and shopping lists it is a cinch to use.


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5. Educate yourself. So many books talk about real food but sometimes it can be confusing as to what that means and how you can make it suit your life and budget. Get back to basics with The Granny Plan by Kathy Block. Put into practice what our Grandparents already knew and did on a day to day basis.  Written in a very engaging and well humoured manner whilst getting across some very important insight and information. Myth busting and educational whilst at the same time being stimulating and motivating we are then guided towards the plan which is designed to get nutrient dense foods back into your life in an easy and effortless way. Get Your Fats Straight by Sarah Pope is a brilliant book putting fat in all its glory. Dispelling myths and fears about fats and getting you excited about consuming them without confusion and guilt. Real Food Ingredient Guide by Kelly the Kitchen Kop and Processed Free by Robin Konie are both great reads as to why real food is the only answer. Most Importantly learn how to a sustainable life . Sustainability Starts at Home by Dawn Gifford is an awesome book chock full of information with helpful and achievable ways to really make a difference.


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vgn ebook collage




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