5 ways Nutrition can Change Your Life

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  1. Getting the ratio of carb’s, fats and proteins right is essential for muscle building and thus fat burn. Eating more will probably help you to weigh less and get leaner! Other nutrients such as Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin A, D, E and Iron are also essential for body repair, growth and healing. Its not just calories in and out.
  1. Snacks to keep our hunger at bay for longer. This helps balance blood sugar levels so less chance you’ll grab those biscuits- empty calories. Increase your energy and happiness levels;  food really does affect mood. Make sure you eat nutrient dense whole food and cut down on the processed foods.
  1. Use Kefir as a natural probiotic and prebiotic (the food that feeds the good bacteria) to improve digestion and uptake of key nutrients. This makes your body more efficient and makes the most of the food you do eat. Also will boost your immune system, help balance blood sugar, improve skin  and hair health and help repair the digestive system which may reduce allergies and IBS symptoms.
  1. Find out what foods affect your body’s hormonal balance necessary for healthy body shape (i.e. excess weight in middle and man boobs!). Balancing stress levels as well as blood sugar levels can help to adjust oestrogen and thyroid hormone levels in the body.
  1. Use nutrition to support and build your immune system so the change of seasons doesn’t affect your get up and go. Eating a plate full of (natural!) colour will pack your body full of nutrients such as anti-oxidants, vitamin C, Iron and zinc; all essential to the immune system. Also source out some local or Raw honey.


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