5 Reasons to Brew Kombucha

5 Reasons to Brew Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented Tea. It is described as a ‘delicious sour tonic beverage’ slightly sparking and a little like apple cider. It has a tiny about of alcohol in the finished drink. The drink is made with a SCOBY( symbiotic colony obacteria and yeast). Also known as the Mother. It is a bit like a disc which floats on the surface as it ferments;

  1. As a drink Kombucha is very light, vibrant, refreshing, low in sugar (the bacteria consumes it), full of Tea’s antioxidant benefits, simple to make, and full of great health giving properties. To make it you simply need Tea (black, green, white) a SCOBY (should normally be free from the fermenting community), filtered water and sugar (I use coconut). That and a glass jar and some time!Kombucha Ingredients
  2. Kombucha can be brewed to taste. The longer you leave it, the more sour and vinegar like it becomes. It generally needs to be diluted (normally with soda water) as it is very strong in flavour, high in acid and very potent as a digestive aid and liver cleanser. It can have very positive side effects. Mainly in clearing and aiding the digestive system (diarrhoea) and liver cleansing and supporting toxin elimination. However you may also experience headaches, muscle spasms, flare ups of skin conditions and other inflammatory conditions. Of course these are all actually good things- the more side effects you have the more you actually need it. As your body comes back to balance it is worth starting slowly with Kombucha and check in with how you are feeling after every time you take it (I know this from experience- I can now drink it without any ill effects!)Magic Kombucha
  3. It is like Kefir in as much as it will provide probiotic habitation (the good probiotics will be rebalanced in your body and as bacteria outnumbers cells by 9:1in our body- this is a good thing). However Kombucha also contains many healthy acids which all have health giving benefits a little like Apple Cider Vinegar. By providing both, with all the antioxidants in the Tea and other vitamins and minerals contained in the sugar and SCOBY itself it becomes a very powerful supplement for health and vitality.
  4. There have been many reported symptom reductions beyond detoxifying liver and improving digestion. Many have reported a massive reduction in arthritic pain, IBS symptoms, balance ph levels, reduce allergy reactions, increased metabolic rate and thus more energy, decrease in sugar cravings, reduced headaches and migraines, improved skin conditions a reduction in Candida overgrowth symptoms and many more chronic conditions have been reduced. It is even been repudiated to help cancer cells to return to normal cells.second ferments
  5. Lastly creating your own flavours is fun and very simple to do. After the initial ferment and the SCOBY is removed- the world is you oyster in regards to flavour. Herbal teas can be added, fruits, herbs, vegetables all can add flavour and nutrient dimensions to your Kombucha. My favourites are Mango, Raspberry and I love my take on ginger beer (fresh root ginger and ginger sugar added and left for another week). I would love to hear your favourite and please share any recipes in the comments section.

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