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9665986063_9c0e82e04c_oHealer is about an incredible woman (Dr Hazel Parcells) and energetic healer and practitioner who knew and contributed so much to bring so manypeople ‘alive’ by assisting and guiding their own healing. A must read for anyone and everyone interested in natural health.


The ultimate cocktail book. Learn how to make all of the added extras naturally such as bitters, tonic water (yes you can make it at home!) maraschino cherries, pickled olives, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce- so all on my to do list! Plus every cocktail on the planet! No weekend is complete without trying at least one recipe


A clear and concise book laying out why heartburn is so prevalent in western society and how you  can turn around your acid levels to promote a healthy and strong digestive system.




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How to stop believing in the weight loss lies and forming an amazing plan to get your body to its natural shape using  real food. A lifestyle change to change your life.


flatecoverLearn about how fermented drinks (kefir and kombucha) can change your life and heal your digestive system. See more info here!



Dawn describes how ‘we’ as individuals, can make the changes in our life-styles which can help to  sustain the planet. The complex issues involved, on a global scale, seemdifficult and and almost impossible to achieve, however she takes you by the hand and leads you to the realization of what you CAN do, with ‘Radical Simplicity’.


a great book to read. Her very refreshing and invigorating methods and descriptions allow you to believe in yourself and like what you are looking at in the mirror. “You are what you think about your body” and only you can change how you think and feel. Read all the negative consequences, put the past in the past and plan to move forward.

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This book makes meal planning so much easier. By laying out all the recipes and shopping lists it is a cinch to use.




How to balance your reproductive system using Chinese Medicine and Healthy. Why is it that it seems to be so out of whack with so many at the moment?


And so many more recipes and amazingly informative books…

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