•  The first class I took with Louise was a Bach Flower Remedy class.  The information was totally new to me and Louise made it not only interesting but relevant.  She had good examples to share to help us all understand what each essence was for and brought her kit for us to sample.  Louise gently explained the history, the uses and how  the essences are made.  It was a lovely experience and I feel ready to start using the essences. TB

  • This is the second class I’ve taken with Louise. She is a patient teacher and knows her stuff. Ahead of the class Louise prepared over 5 different varieties of kefir for us to taste as well as some lovely coconut yogurt. It was a very practical and hands on class. I walked away with water and milk kefir grains, some written instructions and the knowledge to start making kefir right away. I highly recommend Louise’s class. TB

  • “I have been following Loula Natural’s advice on matters of health and general well-being and fitness for over five years. I am now completely medicine-free, and I have acheived this by following the clear and concise nutritional advice given by Louise. She will give you all of the facts in a way that you will understand and appreciate. You will know how the remedies work and what the supplements will do for you, and you will understand and be atuned to your own body, your health and your well-being, you will be in control.” TK 

  •  “After ‘working Louise for over a year I would highly recommend her as a qualified Nutritionist.  Louise also adds incredible value to any positive lifestyle – or should that be life changing – action you want to make.  Louise doesn’t just trot out a plan, she ensures it is your plan and provides you with very simple, useful and real tools to help you reach, and often go beyond, your goals.  Goal setting is key to working with Louise as you are conscious of them being ‘yours’ not hers.  No matter where you are in your journey Louise is patient, organised, positive, open and always communicates in ways that ensure you understand 100% what you are expecting and what you are expected to achieve.  As someone who has benefitted from working with Louise and carried much of what I learned and used with her even today, I’d have no hesitation in recommending her.”  AM

  •  “I came to Louise as I had an ovarian cyst that I wanted to get rid of. I had not long given birth to my daughter and she explained to me in a very easy to understand manner what I could do to help get rid of my cyst, and also what I could take to help recover from birth and improve my immunity which I would in turn pass on to my daughter through breast feeding. My cyst shrank and my daughter didn’t get sick until she was 13 months old! I would highly recommend Louise as a practitioner, she is passionate, compassionate and motivational.” AB

  • “(Bach Flower Remedies) I was a bit of a sceptic at first but Louise’s knowledge and enthusiasm won me over! While some remedies varied from session to session there was a core that always remained the same and it was very revealing in terms of how I was feeling. I found the course of treatments to be very effective in dealing with the stresses of daily life and have definitely been of benefit.” NB 


    “I was going through a particularly stressful time in both my personal and professional life.  I felt very low and unable to deal with even the smallest of problems.   Lou suggested that we discuss in more detail what exactly I was feeling and why and then identify whether Bach Flower Remedies might help.   After our conversations she discussed the various remedies with me and once we’d agreed which were appropriate she administered them for me to take whenever I felt the need. 
    I was surprised at how quickly the remedies took effect, especially in relation to the stress and anxiety I was feeling at the time.  I felt able to deal with responsibilties and tasks in my day-to-day life in a much calmer / less frantic way.  I even managed to rationalise the guilt and helplessness I felt surrounding certain issues in my personal life.  I feel that the flower remedies helped to “unscramble” the confusion and insecurity I felt.  I think that they provided me with comfort and almost soothed me into a more relaxed and balanced state of mind (or maybe that was Lou!!!).
    I would definitely recommend bach flower remedies with the guidance of a “flower expert” to analyse where the issues lie and to help select the the appropriate remedy”. AR
  • “I have been smoking for 15 years and have tried to quit a number of times but to no avail.  This time, I thought I would try something a bit different and the Bach flowers have really helped me with the confidence to stop smoking – making me feel stronger and that I can do this,  and also with the cravings.  I have recommended it to friends who are in the same boat.” ST 

  • With a little encouragement from Louise this evening, my water kefir (with date sugar) is on it’s way.