I prefer to work around Hong Kong rather than in one place. At the moment I serve the New Territories in Fo Tan, Kowloon in Prince Edward/Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Island in Central. The differing rental costs mean different prices between Hong Kong and Kowloon and the N.T.

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I provide Naturopathic, Nutrition, EFT and Bach Flower Remedy sessions. An hour session could involve a mixture of these depending on what is necessary. All sessions are an hour unless otherwise agreed. It is recommended to plan on having at least 5 follow ups over the course of a year (it may be more depending on the case). Therefore I have created 5 session follow up packages.

All sessions have a follow up report with all recommendations discussed outlined and to be referred too. Please note, I receive no financial benefit from the products I recommend. The links to books I recommend have a bounce back for me from Amazon with no extra cost to you. However I only ever recommend books I have read and bought myself and think may be of interest to you.

Each session is an hour. EFT sessions are more expensive as they are more in-depth and require more guidance. The difference in price between sessions at Compass Offices and other venues reflect a difference in office rental and increase in travel time and cost for me. I have tried to keep the difference reasonable and nominal.

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Sessions and classes can be booked on-line, however a session date and time must first be agreed to with Louise. All sessions, classes, gift cards and packages must be paid for prior to the session. For classes there is a 48 hour cut off time for cancellation and for one to one classes it is 24 hours. Classes and sessions will not be refunded after this time. Packages bought can be shared between family members and have a 12 month time limit.

You can find the initial consultation form here.

download consultation form

Please fill it out and email it to Louise prior to your session. Add as much information as you can as it is all useful in building a picture of you and your body.

Compass Offices Prices

$1200 Initial Session

$750 Follow ups

Club 212 Prices

$1o00 Initial Session

$650 Follow ups

Fo tan Prices

$1o00 Initial Session

$650 Follow ups

Skype Prices

$1100 Initial Consultation (for overseas clients only)

$700 EFT follow up session 

$500 Follow UpEFT Prices

$1000-1100 Initial Session (depending on location)

$750 Follow up

All of these prices will include any remedy bottle (for Bach Flowers)

Buy Bach Flower Remedy

$100 Rescue Remedy bottle on its own (10ml bottle- can be made with Glycerine or Brandy) including postage.

Buy Package

Each package is for 5 follow-up sessions only and can be shared with family members.

Packages are valid for 12 months

Compass Offices Follow-up package:$3500

Club 212/Fo Tan Follow-up package: $3000

Skype Follow-up package: $3250

EFT follow-up package: $3500

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Naturopaths First Aid Kit
$500 (per person),
2 hour course
Minimum people 5- max 10 per group

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies (including Personal blend)
$500 per person
2 hour course
Minimum people 5- max 10 per group

Nutrition Course for Health and Well-being 

Talks on nutrition and exercise (for example sports nutrition and injury rehabilitation, pre and post natal advice and exercises including abdominal separation, kids nutrition and gait analysis)
2 hours
$500 (per person)
Minimum people 5- max 10 per group


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