Practice what you Preach

Practice what you preech Loula Natural

It is really important to me to live as natural life as possible. I use my air conditioning as little as possible, drive the car only when necessary and try to buy the best food our budget allows. Everyone is an individual and will have a different drive and priorities. Their life is there life and my life is mine.

That being said, I find often that the people who I am drawn to and who are drawn to me have a reason to be in my life. I find myself saying things to clients over and over again, advice I recognise often as advice I am repeating for my own benefit as much as for theirs. I find this quite freaky sometimes. I also have a daughter who is my mirror and I constantly find myself hearing things I need to change within myself first. I cannot expect her to speak to me in a certain way if I am not prepared to moderate how I speak to her sometimes (for example I NEED to stop shouting!). 

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Friday Fish Curry

Friday Fish Curry Loula Natural

Friday Fish Curry

My dad loves his fish on Friday. We love fish once a week and so friday is as good a day as any! I try to mix up what we have and I absolutely love all kinds of asian food so this hybrid joins all the flavours I love the most.

I serve ours with parsnip rice and green veg like stir fried kale, bok choi or broccoli. You can adjust the heat or leave out the chillies all together if you are not keen on spice. Our kids like a little spice so I try to minimise it so they can eat with us.

I also use exactly the same recipe with chicken and beef too. With the beef I use brisket as it is lovely slow cooked (see my beef bourguignon recipe)

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Fat Banana Custard

Fat Banana Custard  Ingredients Loula Natural

Fat Banana Custard

I have been enjoying instagram so much, here I am if you want to find me. I love the creativity and inspiration of people from around the world- making connections with people in their lives is very exciting.

There are a few people on there that I look out for as I really love what they are doing and Holistic Lifestyler is one of them (here is his website too). Today he posted his work in progress on a banana custard with bone marrow- yum. Quality meat is difficult to get here (its normally frozen or needs to be delivered) and I sense marrow will be even harder, so with some encouragement from my friend Helen over at Mango Menus (seriously good stuff going on over there too- here’s her website). I decided to have a go.

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September Giveaway

September Giveaway Loula Natural


September Giveaway

This month we thought you should decide what it is you need for fall. We have all gotten together to give you a

$300 Amazon Giftcard

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How to enter the giveaway: the entry is free- do each of the following for more chances to win!

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Slow Cooked Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon Loula Natural fb

I absolutely love my slow cooker. I bought my first one just before my daughter was born because I thought that throwing things into one and leaving it and dinner is served when you need it. My first one cracked and I felt like I was without my right hand for the week it took me to replace it! This is the one I have now but they all do the job! I prefer the ones with the ceramic pots.

I use it for soooooo many things and it is one everyday for either my stock, stewing apples, making pumpkin and porridge when it is cold, cottage pie, its the only lasagna  (and my squash lasagna), stews and whole chickens are super simple and never ever dry and bland!

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