Pumpkin Pie Water Kefir

Pumpkin Pie Water Kefir Loula Natural fb

I started making this recipe last year when it went into Culture Your Life. I looooove pumpkin season! Check out all my favourite recipes for pumpkin here

This recipe is simple and you can use canned pumpkin or make your own very easily (and cheaper!). That way you have complete control over how much sugar you add as in the canning process the pumpkin is heated again thus caramelizing the sugar. 

Make your water Kefir as here then have fun flavouring it whilst the pumpkins are around! Fun to make cocktails with too for family gatherings. I make standard Gin and Tonics much more fun, adding this water kefir recipe!

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Lemon Sage Cordial

Lemon Sage Cordial

Lemon Sage Cordial

Sage has so many amazing benefits. It has seen to be effective at cooling down the body (especially during hot sweats) and reduce perspiration, it also helps to dry up excess phlegm and diarrhea.

It contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which helps to protect and heal cells all through the body. This maintains good circulation of blood and flexibility of muscles and blood vessels throughout the body.

Read more about how and why Sage is so great here. I absolutely love the smell and taste of sage too.

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Nutrient Fact File Sage Loula Natural

Nutrient Fact File; Sage

I am a Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist. I make recommendations to my clients based on their individual needs. If this information is useful to you please discuss your options with your trained health practitioner able to help you to make natural choices that are suitable for your individual needs. Take responsibility for your health and choices.

Sage is a herb native to the Mediterranean, an evergreen perennial shrub it also is traditionally grown in south eastern Europe. It is a common garden pot plant. Sage belongs to the Lamiaceae family along with other herbs, such as oregano, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and basil. The general scientific name is Salvia officinalis which is derived from the latin word to save or heal. There are many types of sage (red sage, clary sage and many others) Interestingly the word sage in the dictionary means;

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Why are companies giving away free ice cream in School?

Junk Food in Schools Loula Natural FB

Should there even be ice-cream in school?

Last week I got very cross with my daughter’s PTA (Parent Teachers Association). On the Monday we were given a flyer through the school diary. It read-

Ice Cream Day

It was on the following Wednesday (in less than two days) it was the first I had heard of it. There was very clear and blatant branding on the flyer. The wonderful “insert brand” have donated ice cream for us to sell to your kids. We are selling ice-cream to the children on Wednesday- please provide your child with $xx for them to buy their ice-cream in school. For the PTA to profit from.

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Building our Urban Homestead

Herbs Loula Natural

I love to grow things. I am especially good at growing and nurturing humans! I am not so successful with plants. When I met my husband, he helped me to develop my garden in London and loves taking the kids out into nature with me. It is a huge blessing that he has this affection towards nature and that he is way better than me at growing plants! Its a good match!

Since we moved to Hong Kong it has been difficult to keep our feet on the ground (we lived on the 27th floor so I mean that literally!). We recently moved to a house with a small garden and roof top and it has been our plan to start growing our own foods. We bought a lemon tree a few weeks into arriving and now we are embarking on our herb garden. 

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